Today I want to share with you 5 steps to becoming a highly paid expert even if nobody’s ever heard of you.

Everyone already knows the the FUTURE of online marketing is crafting and creating digital assets. If you don’t already know this, then know this: You can have your own digital product that you can market and sell and even keep ALL THE COMMISSIONS.

More info down below…

Pre-frame – the right mindset, a proactive and positive mindset that you believe you can achieve your goals. The amount of people who complain, or give up before they reach their “3 Feet Of Gold” is worrying. I see it from live events, online and in general.

“Commit to becoming in the Top 1%. Take responsibility. Make it happen!”

To become a highly paid expert here’s the most important part, you must become a more valuable person in the marketplace.

You must increase your PVL = Personal Value Level. Your income is directly proportionate to how the marketplace puts a value on the level of value you provide.

When you create a digital asset that can amplify your message, position, package and promote your products and services, then you position yourself as the market leader to your following.

You can do this even if nobody has heard of you and you only got 100 subscribers on your list. Everyone starts from somewhere.

5 Steps To Becoming A Highly Paid Expert

1) An Effective Lead Capture System

You need to have a simple way to get people to give their details that can opt-in and you can get offering something of value for FREE, to get visitors to join your email list.

You need a high quality, value-packed free report or video and a high converting Squeeze page designed, and setup. The more leads you have the more emails you can send out.

The money in this business comes from your #1 ASSET; Your list. Most importantly not the size of your list, but the relationship you’ve crafted and cultivated. This is the ultimate Income On Demand business model, it takes time, but you can fast-track yourself from learning from people who get results.

There’s no one else in the Internet Marketing / Home Biz Industry that can show you how to build a hyper-responsive list than Shaqir Hussyin. He has built over 350,000+ subscribers (without affiliates) profitably by understanding how to turn $1 into $3 and more. Industry average is about $1 per subscriber. His results (not typical) ranges from $4 – $10 per email PER MONTH.

More info below on how you can use the same systems that Shaqir uses…

2) Highly Valuable Offer – YOUR OWN FRONT END OFFER

Step two is where most people would send their traffic to a long drawn out sales video for an affiliate program, home business or expensive offer.

Instead, the trick is to send your new leads to a low cost, high converting product offer that YOU OWN. The goal of this offer is to ‘self liquidate’ your funnel, aka recoup the money you spend on traffic.

This does a few things. It positions you as an authority, gets more front end sales and allows you to re-invest profits back into more traffic. Most marketers attempt to make their profits on the front-end, but the secret is up-selling these front-end buyers to higher priced products & programs.

3) Have A Backend Offer – THE BACK-END OFFER

Once you’ve made the initial product offer, you ascend your leads to the next offer in your funnel. This is where you make most of the profits.

This could be YOUR OWN PRODUCT or you can promote the coaching programs of other influencers and this way get started very quickly.

It’s a special page that sells YOU, and reverses the selling process by making your leads APPLY to work with you. You can get people on the phone here and sell them expensive products, or send them directly to a sales page.

Keep this in mind. When I first started I didn’t have my own back-end offer so instead I had it done for me by Shaqir’s team.

I new I wanted to develop my own coaching programs but thought that would take many months and I thought I wasn’t ready for that yet!

I was wrong!

Shaqir’s “Done for you” GuruFunnel system made it all quick and easy for me. They had a chat with me and had me fill a questionnaire. Following that thy recommended the right strategy for my back-end product and built the funnel for me.

You can find out more about that here.

4) Follow-Up Machine: Emails & Webinars On Autopilot

Shaqir Hussyin has been sending an email a day for the last 5+ years. Over 4,000+ emails, more than anyone else in this marketplace.

Like him, I’m playing the long game. I plan to be in this game for the next 25 years and more. It’s a responsibility I have.

Having your own Followup Machine (emails + webinars) will easily exponentially increase your income. Your own high quality, behaviour based email follow up sequence.

The days of simple Aweber follow-up are dying. My funnels automatically detect whether someone is hot or not, and adjusts the emails it sends them to extract more sales.

Webinars are the secret to selling to lots of people at once. Webinars is how you automatically sell ‘many to one’.

I thought doing a webinar would be very complicated and require lot of experience. Again I was wrong! It all came into place for me when I watched Shaqir’s Free Master Class on Funnel Creation and Webinars.

The Shift for me happened when Shaqir showed me how awful his first webinars were! And yes he went on to generate millions from those. So no more excuses for me to wait for the perfect moment! It was time to take action!


If you want to survive in the competitive world of online marketing, you need to position yourself as an expert and lead with value.

One of the best ways to give value, build rapport with your audience and ‘sell without selling’ is creating valuable content, blogging. The funnel that was built for me already had series of select free blog posts in them, that provide value, position me as an authority and sell.

Incorporate these 5 steps so you can become a highly paid expert…

…and I know whatever niche you’re in.

Whatever your trying to sell, these 5 simple steps will make you a lot more money. I can say that with conviction as it has worked for me.

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I have gone through the GURU Funnels program myself because I didn’t have the time to build it all myself and wanted to tap into a proven system. That’s why the Done For You service worked really well for me.

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